Red Medley 2015



Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


Composition & Vintage

A blend of our premium reds; primarily  Lucie Kuhlmann. Red Medley balances all of the strengths of each of the varieties and results in a very versatile, colourful wine.
Vintage 2015.



All grapes used for our Red Medley are  Nova Scotia grown. They were harvested late in the season to develop optimal flavours.


Tasting Notes

The deep colour suggests a big tannic wine, but this beautiful blend is refreshingly light. The nose is earthy with notes of candied raspberry seeds.  Stewed strawberries and raspberries are dominant on the palate. This light bodied wine will pair with beet and arugula salad, mushroom pizza or pork tenderloin.


Food Pairing

Served on its own or pair with almost any dish.


Serving Temperature

14° - 16°C (57° - 61°F)



Alcohol 12%